As a solution provider, M+F Technologies offers an outstanding expertise in the handling of oil products. Our leading market position is underpinned by our long-standing know-how in loading processes in the oil industry and our continuous development work that benefits our customers around the world. We realize complete system solutions based on our own technologies and state-of-the-art products, covering all their needs, from consulting and engineering to implementation and even including regular servicing. As an experienced specialist, we take care of all tasks linked to the automation, digitalization, and management of tank farms, tank terminals and fuel supply systems. Our focus here is on loading systems for tank trucks, rail cars and ships, as well as on blending systems and fuel supply systems at airports. Since 2014 M+F Technologies GmbH is member of the J.H.K. Group.


From testing to approval

From testing to approval

Our PTB-approved calibration test bench allows equipment inspections under a wide range of operating conditions. Furthermore, our fully automated TÜV-approved pressure test bench checks complete systems or system components – including outside the mechanical clamping area. If required, approval can be granted in the presence of a third party inspector. Even safety valves can be set, checked and approved. Our specialist staff can also perform acceptance tests, evaluations and re-stamping for metallic materials.

  • Check

testing of systems, system components and safety valves, including under extreme operating conditions

  • Approval

Office of Weights and Measures, MID, TÜV

Aviation: Expertise at the Airport-Top-quality fuel supply

Aviation: Expertise at the Airport-Top-quality fuel supply

For decades M+F Technologies has been a leading provider of fuel supply systems at airports. As an innovative specialist we incorporate our experience in pioneering concepts and develop, produce and implement all system components used for the handling of jet fuel at airports. We equip airfield refuelling vehicles with state-of-the-art technology for flow measurement, additivation, data communication and complete fleet management.

For the reliable monitoring of underground hydrant systems, we provide dynamic systems for identifying major leaks and static systems for the detection of the smallest leakages.

Comprehensive system know-how

strict compliance with the international JIG Guidelines of the IATA

  • Everything from a single source

from basic design to detailed engineering

  • Modularity

highly available system components for needs-oriented fuel supply at airports

  • Environmental protection

computer-based tight pipe check (TPC)

 Handling systems for transports both land and water:Tank Trucks and ships

Handling systems for transports both land and water:Tank Trucks and ships

Regardless of the transportation means we offer the services that ensure the loading systems meet all requirements at the highest level – from the consulting stage to engineering and realization. The profitability of a tank
farm heavily depends on the optimum functionality of the loading terminals. Our service range comprises individual
components and skids as well as complete systems for the loading of tank trucks.

Loading systems for the marine transportation of oil are subject to particularly stringent regulations concerning health, safety, environmental and water protection. Our integrated solutions guarantee maximum efficiency even under these requirements. You can also make use of tailored solutions for the growing market of ship- and land-based bunker stations with integrated blending functionality.